News: Harness the Hidden Powers of Minecraft's New Block Types This Saturday

Harness the Hidden Powers of Minecraft's New Block Types This Saturday

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We've done a lot of workshops in the past that involved architectural design, interior design, and so much more. To top it off, Leinad has showed us some tutorials involving flooring, stair tactics, and even inset flooring!

This week's workshop will incorporate all of those tutorials into a 1.2-styled massive workshop!

We will be making some awesome designs using all of 1.2's new block types, while helping to inspire each other. Whether you're looking to update your designs to be 1.2 "friendly" or you're just looking to get fresh new ideas, we're going to cover it all!

(1) Slayer19's simple design using top slabs and upside-down stairs, (2) Leinad's grand house using top slabs and upside-down stairs, (3) Another one of Slayer's designs - would be great for corner pillars in a room!, (4) Leinad's spooky tower using upside-down stairs, (5) A simple wall design using new planks, (6) Blastblind's gorgeous home using new planks and slabs

Join us this Saturday, April 7th at 3 PM (EST) / 12 PM (PST) where we will be going all out with design tips and tricks that are 1.2-friendly! If you need to convert the time to another time zone, try this handy convertor.

We use TeamSpeak3 for our tutorials; you can download it free here.

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how does everyone get the upside-down stairs and slabs? I can never get that to work.

You have to place them on the underside of a pre-existing block. Then if you destroy that block above them, they'll stay.

thats what i've been doing but they keep placing right-side up, even if i stand directly under looking straight up.
gotta be something wrong with my version, start-up screen shows 1.2.2 even tho its been force updated.

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