News: Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: Creating an Automatic Animal Harvester

Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: Creating an Automatic Animal Harvester

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There are few things more tedious in Minecraft than collecting items from your chicken, cow, and sheep farms. No one wants to take the time dealing with animal mobs even in the smallest of Minecraft farms. The answer? Automated Minecraft animal harvesters. 

For this Saturday's Weekly Workshop, we will be constructing an automatic animal harvester for sheep, cows, and chickens. These harvesters save time by automating the process of wool, egg, hide, feather, and meat collection for you! Since we will be using a wide range of Minecraft game mechanics and designs for our workshop, this is a great time to join us if you have never played with redstone before.

So whether you're just getting into redstone or you're tired of losing your daylight hours collecting animal drops, join us this Saturday, January 7th at 4:00 pm CST as we create three automatic Animal Harvesters! 

We hope to see you for our first Weekly Workshop of 2012!

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