News: Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: Architecture and Style

Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: Architecture and Style

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Some Minecraft builds are notorious for sweeping scale and epic complexity. We've all seen those mammoth castles and recreations of huge cities like New York, or those incredible objects from the imagination like the Starship Enterprise.

As epic as these projects can get, they often lack something. But what?

Sometimes these builds sacrifice style and detail for size and scale. Minecraft can feel limited in the amount of detail that can be accomplished in-game, but that's not necessarily the case. There are many block combinations rarely used that can produce incredible detail in architecture.

For this Saturday's Weekly Workshop we will be going over architecture and style. We will be building facades, archways, windows, stairs, and doorways in all manner of architecture. As we display various styles of building and detailing, we hope to encourage creativity as well as out-of-the-box thinking.

Please join us this Saturday, 4 p.m. CST on the WonderHowTo Server. 

If you have yet to join the server, learn how to apply here.

We will be using Teamspeak3 for all of our Weekly Workshops. You can download it free here. Our channel name is

See you there!

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Do you post videos of these workshops? I was not whitelisted in time to make this one and I really wanted to check this one out.

I usually write articles about them but this time ill have some videos posted. Check again in a few days and they'll be up!

Yes that would be helpful.

I will be making videos for all of these best of these articles soon. Expect to see a new video about next week.

We're working on it. From this weekend onwards, we will be recording the happenings on the server and post them here as a bonus. If you come on the server for the workshop you will all be featured in the video (hopefully).

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