News: 20 Tricks You Didn't Know You Could Do in Minecraft

20 Tricks You Didn't Know You Could Do in Minecraft

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our full tutorials and make sure to post to the community forum if you have any questions or cool builds you want to share.

All of these tricks were taught as a part of one of our old community workshops for the 1.2.3 update, but the majority of these still apply in the latest version of Minecraft. Even if you've playing Minecraft for years, you'll probably still learn a thing or two.

When you're done here, move on to some of our other popular Minecraft guides, like these redstone tips, making an automatic minecart system, building tripwire traps, bending and shaping trees, transferring redstone power with water, making pixel art, and more!

20 Things You Didn't Know About Minecraft

It's you've got some time to spare, watch the full video walkthrough below, which details every one of the tips learned in the community workshop. You can also skip below to see them listed and explained individually.

Full walkthrough

Tip #1

You can place torches on furnaces and crafting tables! You will need to go through a short process before doing so, but it IS possible.

Make sure you have a transparent block behind your furnace/crafting table before we begin. If there are any solid blocks around the crafting bench/furnace, remove those, as well. If you do not remove all solid blocks around them, the torches will gravitate towards them instead of placing itself on top of the crafting bench/furnace.

Targeting the transparent block's edge that is facing the crafting bench/furnace, right-click with a torch in your hand. You will notice the torch magically place itself on the crafting table!

Tip #2

You can place blocks on the side of a torch by hovering over the torch until you see the grid box.

Right-click on the side of the torch grid box with a block in your hand, and it will place the block to the side of the torch! This tip is very helpful for crossing lava pools and saving resources.

Tip #3

Torches placed under falling gravel or sand will break the sand/gravel for you, as long as the sand/gravel falls 2 blocks.

Hold a torch in your hand and break the lowest sand block.

Right as the sand block breaks, place your torch under it quickly!

Watch the torch do the heavy lifting for you, preventing backaches while excavating!

Tip #4

Torches can hold any amount of weight on them.

This allows you to create a sandstone-free pyramid and other fun designs.

Tip #5

You can stack signs on top of each other, and line them up to make for awesome detail in your builds.

Signs have "grids" just like every other block in Minecraft!

Tip #6

Wooden slabs are not affected by fire and also have a stronger blast resistance than that of wooden planks.

If you play on a server that has fire-spread enabled, you do not need to worry about your wooden slabs catching fire!

Tip #7

Redstone can travel through half-slabs, allowing you to hide your redstone like never before!

All redstone is connected except for full blocks on either end.

Tip #8

Pressure plates can hold water and lava inside of them without it spilling all over!

Tip #9

Signs and ladders can stop water and lava.

This tip is great for mob spawners, secret underwater rooms, and the like.

Tips #10 and #11

Ice placed under soul sand will make you walk even slower than just soul sand.

Soul sand registers in the game as a smaller block than the rest.

With these two tips, you can make a pretty awesome trap!

Tip #12

You can break boats and minecarts with a bow and arrow!

By breaking a boat with a bow and arrow, you receive the same drops as you would by breaking the boat normally.

When you break a minecart with a bow and arrow, you receive a minecart again. It's the same as if you were to break it regularly!

Tip #13

Items thrown into flowing water that is atop ice blocks will result in the item flowing incredibly fast.

Look at the difference in speed in the image below!

Tips #14 and #15

You cannot see player names through chests and signs, even if the player is not crouching.

When players are behind a wall or underground without crouching (holding the shift key), you can see their player names.

When a player crouches while behind a wall or underground, you will not be able to see their name.

Tip #16

A player that is in a minecart on a rail can ride directly through a 1-block wall.

This tip is great for tricking people on your roller coaster—or simply for traps!

Tip #17

One lava bucket will fuel a furnace for 1,000 seconds and can cook 1,000 items in a furnace. One blaze rod will fuel a furnace for 120 seconds and can cool 12 items in a furnace.

You can use ANY item that is made out of wood to fuel a furnace, including but not limited to saplings, jukeboxes, bookshelves, fences, trapdoors and chests.

Tip #18

Nether fences and regular fences do not connect. This allows you to use them for designing something fresh and unique!

Tip #19

Sticky pistons that are powered with only one tick will push blocks instead of holding onto them.


Tip #20

In survival mode, swords break melons and cacti the fastest, while axes break pumpkins the fastest!

Questions for the Audience:

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  • Was this tutorial helpful?
  • What was your favorite tip?
  • What kind of posts would you like to see in the future?

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I like the pressure plate one, however, does it flow off one side if you step on the pressure plate?

You'd think so, but it doesn't!

Obviously it wouldn't since a pushed down pressure plate still exists in the grid of minecraft and has the same block id

Nice I already know and used the tips 4 to 9 and tip 13 and I know it but didn't use 18th and 19th tip. The other eight tips was nice!

Glad you learned some things!!

I didn't learn anything >.< But the text was still enriched with interesting facts XD

The Signs that were holding up the lava is cool. Maybe ill make a rook like that!

Definitely! I've only done this once before, but I like how it turned out! Curious to see what you come up with!

I found this to be a good video but sadly I already knew the tips, but I was wondering one thing if I may, can I have the IP address to the server you were playing on.

Absolutely! There are about 3 tutorials posted weekly, and we have Weekly Workshops every Saturday... on top of a Weekly Challenge & Weekly Staff Awards (2 contests per week)!

Apply for building rights here:

I didn't know that redstone traveled through half blocks, or the ice under soulsand trick, thanks.

Happy you learned something!

I learned a bunch thank you soooo much!!!!!! :D

This makes me really happy :) I'm thinking of doing a Part 2, I'm getting a list together!

Sadly, I knew almost all of it. I was wondering though, if there was a way to get torchs on half slabs such as wooden slabs etc?

only if there upside down half slabs

There is!
this command will help you!
/give @p minecraft:stoneslab 1 8
then whenever u place it, it will be upside-down

Awesome video thank you!!! I was wondering what texture pack that is? I normally run minecraft totally unskinned just because I like the stock look... The one in the video looked normal, but that the same time totally improved. (I was watching in 1080p and it still looked fantastic)

Hehehe it's Faithful 32x and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone! It's perfect, not overdone, and I couldn't live without it!

Glad you enjoyed the video!

i caint get texture packs. my computer is all most out of memory but i can get texture packs on servers. but it lags the poop out of the computer. i need a memory chip or a box with 4 of them. suckish.

dafuq the soul sand.

Nice tips.
But does the server support 1.3.2 ? I'm asking because it always catches up a communication error or a bad login.

I have 1 more thing you maybe don't know.When you throw eggs until the baby chicken pop out and if around it has adult chicken the baby chicken will follow the adult chicken.

that was quite insightful i only knew about the torchs removing sand, the minecart shallow tunnel, and the lava in the oven

I know all of this but soul sand trick and the piston thing also you said cool when you were talking abou what you could burn in a furnace

true, i knowed everything except

the soul sand trick

Loved tips #1, #7, #10, #13, and #16, didn't know them before and like them. I don't understand #11.

Tip #3 on torches destroying blocks:

Tip #4 on holding up things with torches:

Tip #5 on stacking signs:


Tip #6 on slabs not burning, that's no longer true with 1.3:

Tip #9 on signs stopping water, they're also great for excavating underwater lairs:

Here's a bonus tip: land boats:

there is also a really cool feature I found out that if you go to languages you can select pirate! pirate changes the names of all the items and options on the menu. So a bow's name would be changed to musket.

you can set fireunder water with ice and netherack

Did the sticky piston one change? Will it always stay connected now?

lol i only knew the minecraft shooting one great video thank you for all the information

#1 has a far simpler solution: Hold shift(to crouch), and then place torches as normal.

#10; #11: "With these two tips, you can make a pretty awesome trap!"

This will not stop players from using an ender pearl to escape. It doesn't invalidate the trap, but does limit it's effectiveness.

Tip #17: "One lava bucket will fuel a furnace for 1,000 seconds and can cook 1,000 items in a furnace."

A bucket of lava can cook 100 items in a furnace. Not 1,000.

That's seconds, not items.

There's another way to put items on furnaces and crafting tables without glass or the other items. Instead of putting the transparent blocks there, just shift-click on the furnace or other object.

I really don't get how signs, ladders, and trapdoors hold up lava when in Minecraft and real life fire starters (such as fire, lava, etc) burn wood. Yet, when in Minecraft it doesn't burn...

I knew tricks 4-12 and 17 is wrong because it cooks 100 items not 1,000

I already knew all of them
Please make one for 1.8.1

You could also just crouch and place the torch on the workbench. ;) You could also place redstone or any other thing this way. (works with furnaces and basically all you said)

You can also use torches underwater to refill your breath meter

I knew all of these, bc i have been playing mc for like 3 years, btw #1 you can just crouch and right click on the craftingtable or furnace

Thx this was really helpful!

tips 10 and 11 "with this you can build a really cool trap" well yeah but what if they jump

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