News: Show Gravity Who's Boss in This Saturday's Minecraft Workshop

Show Gravity Who's Boss in This Saturday's Minecraft Workshop

In most cases, gravity may as well not exist in Minecraft. The blocks all stick together in unreal ways, and you can even make things that just float in the sky.

However, there are four exceptions to that rule: sand, gravel, water, and lava. All four of them obey the laws of gravity. Or at least they obey the Minecraft laws of gravity.

It's time to stop letting gravity hold you down, and time to start making it work for you.

This specific workshop will be dealing with just sand and gravel, as water and lava have their own, separate characteristics. However, you can use the gravitationally-bound properties of sand and gravel in all kinds of creative ways.

Need to wirelessly transmit power below you? Or make easy hidden staircases with no pistons? Or even more?

Sand and gravel can make it happen!

So come to our workshop this Saturday, June 23rd on our Minecraft server,, at 1 pm PST (4 pm EST) and learn how to do it!

It would be great if you could join us on our TeamSpeak server, too,

See you there!

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WTF! Is it another great idea by the famed Waka? IT IS! :D

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