News: Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: Reverse Engineering Minecraft Cake Defense

Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: Reverse Engineering Minecraft Cake Defense

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Youtube user FVDisco is always outdoing himself. You may know his work from the Minecraft Player Piano, or his Redstone Slot Machine. Recently, he created an automated mob slaying game equipped with rounds of varying difficulty and random loot.

Automated games like this are complex, but not impossible to build. Remember, everything you see in this video or any of FVDisco's other projects are done using in-game mechanics and redstone.

For this Saturday's Weekly Workshop, we will be creating some automated redstone games. During the process, we will be going over the basics and fundamental principles for building such excellent machines so that you too can create your own. Following the tutorial, we will be hosting automated redstone game builds.

Join us this Saturday at 4pm central standard time on the WonderHowTo Minecraft Server!

We will be using the voice chat program Team Speak 3, you can down load it free here. Our Team Speak Channel is

Follow us on Twitter @MinecraftHowTo

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