How To: Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: How to Create Hidden Lighting in Minecraft

Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: How to Create Hidden Lighting in Minecraft

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Redstone can add a lot of exciting effects to your gameplay, but not all usage of redstone has to be flashy to achieve a cool effect. For this Saturday's Weekly Workshop, we're going to be going over a more nuanced subject in Minecraft: hidden lighting.

Finding ways to creatively hide the lighting of your projects allows you to create various shades of brightness, adding a unique atmosphere to your epic builds. There are many ways to achieve hidden lighting from strategically burying torches to using pistons to making glowstone blocks pop out on command. While it may not sound substantial in theory, hidden lighting often gives a build just what it needs to stand out and look great.

If you enjoyed either of our articles on Architecture in Minecraft, you won't want to miss this Weekly Workshop. Join us this Saturday, January 21st at 4pm CST where we will be going over recessed and hidden lighting in Minecraft!

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Might wanna change the date, it says Dec. 21st, I'm sure you mean January 21st.

What timezone are you in?
Couse I'm in China!
And I don't want to miss this one!

The Workshop is set for 4pm CT, but if you're in China - you can use this to figure out what time/day it is for you!

See you there!

Oh my gawd this shall be epic

A question:
Are you in Europe or Amerika?

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