Weekly Tips #1: Building Around Your Environment

Building Around Your Environment

One of the best ways to make a great build is to build around the environment. Fancy plugins like World Edit and Voxel Sniper aren't always necessary.  In the real world, people can't just edit the environment to their every whim and need.  They have to work around it.  Not only does building around your environment help to make your build look nicer, it helps to make it look more realistic. In the above picture, I could only make a small house because I wanted this build to work with the environment.

(1) In this picture, I have built a small tunnel going through the cliff and not making it do some gravity-defying loop around it. (2) In this picture, I build the pathway so that it uses the overhang as a support. Not only does it make the path look more realistic, but it makes the path fit in more with the build.

Overall, using the environment to your advantage makes a build look more realistic and helps it to look even more amazing.

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This a a very good tip and useful to new players very well done

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