News: Winners of Minecraft World's Weekly Staff Choice Awards: Week 1

Winners of Minecraft World's Weekly Staff Choice Awards: Week 1

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Winners of Minecraft World's Weekly Staff Choice Awards: Week 1

Friday is finally here, and that can only mean one thing... Weekly Staff Choice Awards! Although this was only the first week of the Choice Awards, we had so many worthy entries! The staff went around to all of the new builds and compiled a great list of the best for the week. 

If you didn't win this week, don't fret! We will be doing the Weekly Staff Choice Awards every single week. If you would like to know what prizes will be given out for the Staff Choice Awards, check out the latest Weekly Challenge post to see what perks you could win! The prizes given out for the the Weekly Staff Choice Awards will always be the same as the prizes for the Weekly Challenge.

For next week, if you would like to enter your build, please do so by posting a video, screenshots, and some information about your build to the community corkboard.

You can also message me (Maroselis) in-game if you would like to recommend someone else for that week! If I'm not in game at the time, just type "/mail send Maroselis [And your message here] " (without the quotes). Please try to include the coordinates of the build you're recommending to make it easier for me to find it! Hit f3 in game to see your current coordinates.

Grand Prize Winner: Rauwomos

Rauwomos created an amazing Japanese-inspired pagoda. The detail he included is spectacular, and the materials he chose took this outstanding build to the next level.

Honorable Mentions: Hotsolo & 2009antz2009

  • HotSolo and her gorgeous mansion:
  • 2009antz2009 and his castle-themed house:


  • 1 Grand Prize winner - Contributor rank in game + MushroomJump!
  • Honorable Mentions - Contributor rank in game!

*Contributor rank in game allows you to change your gamemode (survival/creative), put yourself in godmode (/god), set 20 homes, claim 50 (16x16) plots and wear hats with /hat!

*MushroomJump - When you go on a giant mushroom, it launcher you up in the air. What is it for? For fun, of course! You can make awesome jump maps, or simply just spend the day jumping on mushrooms!


Congratulations to the winners, I can't wait to see what all of you have in store for the Admins next week!

Don't forget to hop on the server this Saturday, January 28th at 4pm CST where we will be holding the Weekly Workshop! For this week's Workshop we will be discussing Architectural Design and Aesthetics.

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Aw, goddamnit i wanted that mushroom jump xD Nah but he was a worthy winner.

I liked the 2009antz2009 and his castle-themed house it was a good mixture between two blocks

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