News: Hidden Staircase, Roller Coaster of Madness, and More: This Week's Staff Choice Award Winners

Hidden Staircase, Roller Coaster of Madness, and More: This Week's Staff Choice Award Winners

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Winners of Minecraft World's Weekly Staff Choice Awards: Week 1

This week, everyone has been so busy working on the Futuristic Creations Weekly Challenge, that there were unfortunately very few entries for the Weekly Staff Choice Awards. Luckily, we found a few prized treasures hidden on the map! Last week, Nickodeemus took home the crown with his amazing version of Atlantis. If you want, check out a recap of last week's winners.

If you didn't win this week, don't fret! We will be doing the Weekly Staff Choice Awards every single week. If you would like to know what prizes will be given out for the Staff Choice Awards, check out the latest Weekly Challenge to see what perks you could win! The prizes given out for the Weekly Staff Choice Awards will always be the same as the prizes for the Weekly Challenge.

For next week, if you would like to enter your build, please do so by posting a video, screenshots, and some information about your build to the community corkboard. 

You can also message me (Maroselis) in-game if you would like to recommend someone else for that week! If I'm not in game at the time, just type "/mail send Maroselis [And your message here]" (without the quotes). Please try to include the coordinates of the build that you are recommending to make it easier for me to find it! Hit f3 in game to see your current coordinates. 

Grand Prize Winner: TehGeekFather

TehGeekFather and his redstone experiments have been popping up all over the map for the past few weeks. This time, his hard work definitely paid off! TehGeekFather's house, located at 1052 Lava Lake Lane, is filled with many surprises inside. The house appears to be just a normal quaint house from the outside, but upon entering there are buttons all over the walls! Of course, as any curious person would do, I decided to click all the buttons! Low and behold, a secret staircase appeared out of no where leading to a roller coaster of madness!

Honorable Mention: Cooldog1448

Cooldog1448 is nearly finished with his huge castle-themed prison, and it's coming along so well! Even though it's not completed, I felt it should be honored! The architecture and detail he incorporated really helped bring it all together.


  • 1 Grand Prize winner - Contributor rank in game + Mob Disguise: Enderdragon!
  • Honorable Mentions - Contributor rank in game!

* Contributor rank in game allows you to change your gamemode (survival/creative), put yourself in godmode (/god), set 20 homes, claim 50 (16x16) plots and wear hats with /hat!

* Mob Disguise: Enderdragon allows you to turn into an Enderdragon! Do "/md enderdragon" in-game to turn yourself into an Enderdragon, and "/md" to turn back into yourself! You will even make the same sounds that Enderdragons usually make!


Congratulations to the winners. I can't wait to see all of the great builds next week.

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