News: Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: Creating a Redstone Calculator

Minecraft World's Weekly Workshop: Creating a Redstone Calculator

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We've worked with redstone before and while it never fails to impress, this week we'll be getting really technical. We'll be going over the basics for creating a redstone calculator based on the binary system of adding. In layman's terms, it's a redstone mechanism that will allow you to input a simple calculation, like 2+1, and receive an answer much like a calculator. This kind of a redstone mechanism has many applications.

If this all sounds a little complex, fear not. As always, we will break these concepts down during the workshop and follow it up with a thorough tutorial. 

We'd love your help, so please join us this Saturday December 3rd @4pm CST where we'll be creating our redstone calculator!

We use TeamSpeak3 for our tutorials; you can download it free here. Our channel is:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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