News: GuitarHero Arcade!

GuitarHero Arcade!

 I know this is a day early and this is for the staff choice awards. Sproga2 and I (silverbug12) Made...* fanfare*  A..... Minecraft guitarhero!!!!!!!!!! Yup! guitar hero in minecraft.  Sproga2 Did the redstone and I did the building and decor.  Here it is!, 

(2) side view of the outside of guitar hero, (3) Side view of the mansion even more. Here is the viewing area of the redstone majigers (yes majigers IS a proffesional term!)

Some inside pics,

the slots that your points fall from.

And the redstone pics

Here is ONOTHER view of the redstone

Hope you like it and come visit! Warp /Roller and come on up!



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Wow!! What a great idea, who would have thought?!

Came out great, I'll have to check this out!

great remeber me from purpleox? bet you dont

You must be out of your mind if you think I don't remember you. Of course I do.

<3 :) That's just insulting if you think I really didn't remember.

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