News: Apply Now to Join the Minecraft WonderHowTo Server

Apply Now to Join the Minecraft WonderHowTo Server

Hello people. To join our server you need to apply here.
Write you like this:
IGN:(Your ign)
Age:(Your age) DON'T LIE
How did you find us?
Tell us why you want to join the server.

When you have done this a Admin will look and will see if you can join!
Write it under "Share Your Thoughts" down in this post!
Have a good day Minecrafters!

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Do it like this:
Must be good, not only "i wanna join the server"

HelN: iatedeadpeople

Age: 20

I was part of the prior WHT server, I loved yo build and I would join every contest I could. I want to Help make the community as friendly as it was before. But I really love to build. Search my IGN on this website and you will see my previous builds. Edit: nvm all previous threads must have been deleted.

Welcome to go on the server!

IGN: TomatoPasta
Age: 20

I was a builder in the previous WHT server too along with iatedeadpeople (above). Would love to come back as the competitions were always good and intuitive, and it was great to experience other people's initiatives in their builds.

You are welcome to come on anytime Tomato.

how i find this great server:

i was searching for a good server than this server seem interesting and i was right it has a good spawn and more i like it very much

IGN: LNorbert
Age: 16 (turning 17 in 2 weeks)

I was part of the old server and got honorable mention in the pixel art. Mine was the one which was from the game called Canary from It was my brother's favorite game and I made it as a little present. Because I didn't really enter it but just built it for fun it got honorable mentions but from Maro I learned that it could have been even in top 3.

I built a few space stations too. And tried to compete in the Maze challenge. Mine was the redstone maze where before entering it is an empty room but when entering the whole room just turns into a maze.

Plus I created a budswitch light sensor which turned light on and off depending on the light. It used a pretty simple concept. Grass with light underwater stays grass. if it turns dirt the budswitch activates and the water is closed until due to sun the grass grows again.

Time to come back with much higher skills then before!

Ps: Sorry for the long text but if anyone can Identify me then reply! It would be good to see old faces. My old IGN is jimmywang77.

You are Welcome to join the server LNorbert!

Age: 16
i just wana make something big that will be remembered ;)
If you gus want help ask :)

You are Welcome to join the server!

IGN: xfilez
Age: 12
I was on the first ever WHS where carlosbear was the owner.
I have many stories to tell from the first server
I have built many things on the first server such as:
Diamond City
Password Locked Door 64x64
and a CTF Arena with my friend xhoes who also wants to come back
After two years I would like to join again and be part of Wonder How To(New Server)
If you accept this I can share some of many of my old stories to the server.
Please Accept.

Sounds good! I would love to hear some of your building ideas. Welcome to the server! :)

Ign: Peace keeper
Age: 13

I have always been somewhat Great in minecraft pe. So I think I should be able to at least make a diffrernce in this server

You are Welcome to join the server!

excuse me could someone please msg me the ip to the server?

IGN: xhoes
Age: 14

I was on the server with xfilez and both we build the ctf arena and I have been playing minecraft for 4+ years so i know my way around the game

You are Welcome to join the server!

Server IP:

We are old friends, remember

You are Welcome to join the server!

And yes i remember :)
Good to see that you are back man!

I am a builder and a mob hunter(not afraid to go to the nether if you ask.) and i know my way with redstone
this is a great opportunity to do something big.

You are Welcome to join the server!

what is the server info? you can use this or email me at

If you mean the IP it is this one:

The server is 1.7.5 not 1.7.9.

whats in it thats new (the update)

how often do you guys reply to posts

often, if we are on we reply if someone of us havn't already

Just so you guys know, the server is still on 1.7.5.

IGN: FitForThrone

Many of you know me as noochnexus, that account has been hacked, I am now FitForThrone. I remember the good days when austan ran the server, me and pingisspelaren build a massive pvp arena and got 3rd place in a contest, then the server had problems. I remember 2 months after I joined the old server I met killeroliver, we became great friends, I see he is now an admin. I would like to join and bring back some good memories, and make new ones. I would also like to apply for adminship because I have been on this server for a very long time, I know ping, and we are good friends. I admin on 3 different servers and love to make minecraft a fun, safe environment, together we can make our community someplace special. -FitForThrone (noochnexus)

You are Welcome to you the server!

Your apply for admin will be looked over, (can't say when)

Hey dude! Thanks for your interest in becoming an admin. As of now, we do not necessarily require any more admins, but in the future if/when we do we will consider your application.

(meanwhile you can still help make this community great haha)


hey what are kudos used for? and credits?

You get 5 credits every day and for credits you can give kudos to posts you like.

So if you run out of credits you can't give post kudos until you get new credits.

can't i get (example 1000 kudos-1$ ?)

Don't think you can, you have you ask the WonderHowTo staff (the real staff)


Id like to build and make friends. Every server i get on is filled with really really really bad builds. i want to be surounded by good peopl so i can get better my self :D. I know i sound like a jerk...


Welcome, we're the best server eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer :D So come on as quick as you can :D

i know its a n00b qesjnsen, but why is it not a good idea to dig strait down? when i dig down i hit bedrock.

Because you could dig down into a lava pocket. Or into a cave loaded with stalker creeper that have terible tempers that are only interested in whiping out the entire human exsistance (excuse my spelling problems.).

why are creepers afrad of cats? i chased one with a tamed osolot.

These are all questions that don't belong in this post, make an "inspiration" about it, but please don't use this application post as a question forum :D

IGN: sumlovinclut (eagerly awaiting 1.8 so I can change that!)
Age: 30
Looking for a place to invest some time, and contribute to a wider landscape. I like big builds, and detailed builds.

You are Welcome to join the server!

Nice to see that you wanted to join after all :D

I hope you wil like it on the server!

found you on google

im looking to play minecraft with people that are more interested in building but im always worried about getting griefed.

You are Welcome to join the server!

You don't need to worry, we have plugins that do anti grief. We can see who did it and we can roll it back!

than you, but when i try to log in i get connection refused: no further information

Are you in 1.7.9?

You have to be in 1.7.2 - 1.7.5 only atm

hmmm....still cant connect

Maybe it's because your internet is bad, i have the same problem at mij boarding school, i can't cinnect here but at homa i can, very stranfe

i dont think thats it....i play league of legends and the only time that i 've had any issues (i.e. lag, d/c) was once and it was at the same time as everyone else so probably server side

Hosthorde has been having some connection issues lately. Sometimes it blows over for me, giving me periods of time I can connect, periods where I can not.

That's my only explanation. If you can screenshot the connection error message on the screen, I may be able to identify the problem for you...

Probably a client side problem, I have never had an issue like this

Weird. I'll ask HostHorde if these issues persist.

In Seattle I believe.

How often does everyone play?

We usually have at-least one admin online. But so far its just play when you have the time. Maybe in the future we might have organized get-togethers or something.

IGN; ElliePB2002


I found this website when i searched'cool builds minecraft' on google and this came up. It sounds like a great server and i really wan't to join it !:)


I searched "how to make a rapid fire dispenser" and found this as one of the related posts.I want to join because I like to get ideas for building and I would like to be able to help out on the server.

You are Welcome to join the server!


Found you via google.

I'd like to join as I'm new to Minecraft but loving the game. I play on Xbox with my two sons and I'd like to learn and improve my building skills.

Do you play on pc to or only on xbox?
The WonderHowTo the is only for pc.
But if you play on pc you are welcome to join the server!

IGN: webjunkie
Age:53 (yes I am a Grandpa and the game is still cool )
Google looking for mine craft style tips
Would like to hone my biding skills and help the community

IGN: shmilyface

This is going to take a bit.

I was an old timer on the server, and had been playing on there for about 5 months before it got shut down. The server was really the only thing I went on when I played Minecraft, so I stopped playing the game altogether. After a while, Minecraft became "uncool" and I had to talk bad about it, so that drove me even farther away. It stayed this way for a couple of months, until finally one day (today) I was going through old Youtube videos I used to watch, and I remembered how I found those videos in the first place. So I came back, remembered my login and password (first try!) and came back to it all. Oh how glorious a feeling to see all of the friends I made over the internet, who have probably forgotten me at this point. Oh the memories.... freakje118 and that weird guy not really dating over the internet... my first warp, all to myself (thanks to Dr Moustache).... it vanishing for no reason.... The temple of the gods I built, which was then griefed... And that time that weird guy that freakje118 was not really dating over the internet disguised himself as Notch, and trolled us all. Good times. Good times. It's good to be back!

Yer good to go! Get on da server when you can!

Welcome to the server!

Age: 18
How did you find us?
-I was a member before it went down.
Tell us why you want to join the server.
-I want to be back to the server again and continue building and inventing things

You are welcome to come on the server :)

IGN: Spikevader
Age: 15.9
How did you find us: Looking for some redstone building ideas
Tell us why you want to join the server: Just to look around at what other people are building like challenges.

You are Welcome to play on the server. Make sure you read the rules!

Read what i wrote in the top of the post.

IGN: MinecarftNathan5
Age: 12
How Did You Find Us: I Used To Be A Member Before It Shut Down
Why I Wand To Join: I Really Missed You Guys, It Broke My Heart When The Server Went Down...

Is This Page Out Of Date?

Sorry, most of us have bine off our computers.

You are welcome to go on the server :)

i thought it was, like, the OLD old post

IGN: SnoNoMo
Age: 14
How I found you: I used to be in this community before

Why I Want To Join: This community was very supportive and kind, but I just kind of grew distant of it, and I'm finding a growing need for that sense of community & I hope this server is where I belong :D. I'm also a creative & clever guy that will contribute as best as i can.

You are welcome to join the server.

Age: 12

How I found this: Friend told me about it.

Why I want to join: I will help the server be the best it can be. I will be polite and im a pretty sick builder. Im good at PVP and ill help you guys in whatever you want. Thanks!

You are welcome to join the server but we need your ign so that you can play :).

IGN: Padraik6
Age: 19
How did you find us? I found you guys a while back on a youtube video.

Tell us why you want to join the server. I've been trying to find an online server where you can interact and build and create with others rather thn go at it alone...


I enjoy Minecraft, but more importantly I enjoy playing and being around people that are like minded and people that have the same interests as myself. More importantly I hugely dislike admin corruption. I have heard nothing but good things about the admins and players alike. Which is why I would like to play on your server.



How do you find us:I was looking for some cool trap to build and to trick my friends and i found this awsome and helpful website

Tell us why you want to join our server:Because i want to improve my skills to other people not just me and my friend

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