How To: Send Redstone Signals Both Ways with This Two-Way Repeater

Send Redstone Signals Both Ways with This Two-Way Repeater

If you're at all like me, you constantly get frustrated that repeaters only boost redstone signals in one direction. It's annoying!

Well, here's a design for a two-way repeater! This device functions like a continuous piece of redstone that can send power either way, albeit with a slight delay. It's almost as if you're not using a repeater at all!

Here's a video of it in action:

While the design is pretty simple, it's also fairly cumbersome. Certainly much more so than a single one-block repeater. That said, there are definitely times when you need a signal to be able to transfer both ways, and that's when you whip out this bad boy!

Here's how to build one:

Step 1: Start with a Simple Diode/Repeater

This is how repeaters used to look, before they were condensed into a single-block form.

Step 2: Add Another One Facing the Opposite Direction

Now you need another old-style repeater, but this time a block apart and facing the other way.

Step 3: Connect Them with New Repeaters

The repeaters go from the redstone torch into the other block. Their butts should face the redstone torches.

Step 4: Fill the Empty Spaces with Redstone Wire

Now you just add some redstone wire on the ground to fill in the rectangle. These wires will also be your inputs and outputs!

Step 5: You're Done!

That's all there is to it! Your completed two-way repeater should look like this:

If you have a good user for these, or a better, more compact way to build one, please let us know!

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dude... wouldn't simply be more compact if you put two repeaters side by side?? 0.o

That would make a constant signal or a clock

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