News: Welcome to Yownas Redstone Playground

Welcome to Yownas Redstone Playground

For a while I've been playing around, buliding a redstone playground. I've tried to gather and build some things, from a simple AND-gate to more complex things.

It is not supposed to be a place where I try to be a show-off, but rather a place where people can come and get inspired or just walk around and push buttons for fun. The designs aren't supposed to be "the" solution to any redstone-problem but rather somnething that is easy to build or atleast get some kind of understanding how to solve problems.

And ofcourse some of the contraptions are just silly and for fun. :)

So if you want to know more about redstone or simply feel bored you are very welcome to visit me at /warp rsplayground.

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You...are... AWESOME! thank you for your 23x11 piston gate or whatever it is lol but still thank youuuuuuuuuuuu! <3

Cool, Yownas! Your stuff is always fun and interesting! =D

How does one "visit" /warp rsplayground?

One simply doesn't "visit" /warp rsplayground.

On a serious note, you visit it by joining our server,, and then once you've been approved for building rights, you type /warp rsplayground.

Hope that helps! =)

Why was the warp taken down? I really wanted to see it...?

The map is no longer active, that is the old map from the original server which was unfortunately shut down. But we now have a new map on the server.

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