News: Redstone Printer 1.0

Redstone Printer 1.0

I was messing around in single player, (because the server is down) when a wild idea came to my mind. To build a printer, i have seen many examples on youtube, but all of them where to complex to my understanding of redstone. The end result was simple and it could save 4 images.

The printer only prints in 2 colours in white (wool) and grey (cobblestone). As you have seen in the las image above, there are 25 buttons on the wall, they are parallel to the display and you can use them to edit the image. The lever make the image rotate to the next slide. I have managed to make this printer very compact, the only part of it that you are not able to see, are the pistons with the cobblestone generator underneath the screen. Here are some screenshots of the redstone.

Im planning to Build v 1.5 of the printer on the server, Hopefully il be able to add some colour to it.

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Whaaaaaat. I need to see this puppy in action!

ok, i promise when i finish the challenges, il build one. But better than this version.

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