News: Futuristic Underground Mansion Complete with it's Own Airship

Futuristic Underground Mansion Complete with it's Own Airship

Hey guys, This is my first creation I built on creative.

I was trying to build an underground Mansion.  I tried to make everything automated by redstone. I can't really take a picture of my redstone creations, so if you like redstone go check it out.

Hope you enjoy.

(1) Main entrance. (2) The library. (3) My room. (4) My room again. (5) Farm. (6) Kitchen.

(1) Living Quarters. (2) Mini park. (3) One of the many rooms. (4) Art gallery. (5) Panda, (6) Air ship.

Made by: DucksTheName, Unbeatabl3, and jungdapanda.

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very nice

ou guys did such an amazing job on this. These images definitely don't do this build justice. All of the redstone work you put into the build really brought everything together and added that "futuristic" touch that was need.

The airship is absolutely STUNNING, and is something you would see a schematic of on Planet Minecraft or a similar site. I can't believe how detailed it is!

Whoever hasn't seen this build in person, you really should check it out! It's located in /warp Challenge2.

All of the futuristic builds are going to be near impossible to judge, everyone really went above and beyond!

Congrats guys. You did an awesome job on this build. The airship is amazing!

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