News: A Computer Game Inside Minecraft

A Computer Game Inside Minecraft

Check out this truly incredible redstone mechanism by Users Rezz and Psycho_ewt! It's an automated redstone game with a twist. You control the interactive screen using a retro NES controller. Let us know what you think or if you'd like to see us reverse engineer it.

This build contains:

  • 4 bits demultiplexer
  • 8 bits decoder and wall detector
  • 4 bits demultiplexer
  • 8 bits decoder
  • Up and Down controller device
  • Screen with 256 pixels
  • Game over device
  • Left and Right controller device
  • Sound effects / soundtrack
  • Every pieces built separately and improved individually to find the fastest speed/compact/stable
  • Over 2 TOTAL revamp
  • Built back together using mcedit


Builder: Rezz & Psycho_ewt
Video Edit: Zumulus & Melace

Music from 0:00 to 2:00 is a remix made by Zumulus using Pro Scores.

Music at the end of the video is 'Itty Bitty 8 Bit' by Kevin MacLeod.
It is used under the Creative Commons License.

If you make a video with our map we would like you to put a link in the description to our channel, thank you!

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This is great Simon, like I said thanks for contributing and let me know if you find those!

Thanks Jon!
Sure, I have an similar, but far more impressive video coming up soon :)

Excellent, we're glad to promote such good content.

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