How To: Download and Install the Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release

Download and Install the Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release

Update 2: 1.9 Version3 is currently out. Click here to download and install 1.9 Version 3.

Update: 1.8 is now officially out! It'll prompt you to update the next time you launch.
Be sure to read the rundown of the new 1.8 features and share your thoughts in the 1.8 general impressions thread in the forum.

A lot of people thought that the Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update would be showing up yesterday, September 8th. When that didn't happen, the Minecraft community breathed a collective sigh of sadness. Today, however, those blocky frowns have been turned upside down. Notch and Jens "leaked" the 1.8 pre-release onto 4chan. The build has their endorsements, as seen in the Minecraft subreddit and is safe to download and install. If you're interested in seeing a list of the changes and new features of the game, Minecraft Forums is updating a list on their front page. Perhaps the most exciting change is the introduction of Beef and Chicken, delicious!

How to Download and Install the Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release

Notch is warning everyone to only download the pre-release files directly from the site. Heeding his suggested caution, here are the links to both files:

Unfortunately, installing the update isn't extremely easy. Thankfully, we have the instructions. If you have a Windows PC, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Client files listed above to whatever directory you would like on your PC.
  2. Hit the Windows key. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, type "Run" into the search box and choose "Run" from the search results. Otherwise, choose the "Run" command off of the Start Menu.
  3. In the "Open" text field, type "%AppData%" without the quotes and press "OK."
  4. Locate the folder labeled .minecraft (note the period before minecraft), and make a copy of it. You can do this by right clicking the folder and selecting "copy." Then, choose a different directory folder (such as "Documents"), right click, and select "paste." Now you have a backup of your Minecraft files if anything goes wrong.
  5. Return to the original .minecraft folder, open it, and access the bin directory.
  6. In the bin directory, locate the "minecraft.jar" file and delete it.
  7. Locate the client file (minecraft.jar) you downloaded at the start and move it into the bin folder, replacing the file you just deleted.

Too much text? Try this video guide posted by a member of the Minecraft community:

A walkthrough of the Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release installation process.

Now, you will need access to an updated Minecraft 1.8 server in order to connect to the game and play it, but with the server file being released as well, it shouldn't be too much trouble to find one. In fact, I would encourage you to head over to Minecraft Forums and start looking for open 1.8 servers.

If you find any bugs, feel free to visit the Minecraft Wiki page on known bugs in 1.8 and report it. Each bug you post will help make the game better for everyone when it's finally released in an official version!


  • Modify the files in your Minecraft directory at your own risk.
  • As with all betas, the game is not completely stable--expect bugs.
  • As Notch said, only download from the hosted links. Other files may contain viruses or corrupt your Minecraft folder.
  • You will need to have actually purchased the game in order to run the pre-release.

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a beta release of a beta game. still better than WoW. . . . .

Haha, to be honest, I can't help but feel like Minecraft shrugs off the "beta" title. It doesn't mean the same thing that it would for other games.

Just my opinion though.

absoulutly! i'm just being a smart a$$.

Great instructions, Travis!

When I log on it gives me a black screen please any ideas?

That means you havent done something right. Or, it just dosent work.

Are you connecting to a 1.8 server?

I believe he isnt able to get to the title screen

same here any suggestions?

I'm kinda disappointed that the endermen don't do the creepy whisper thing. I wonder if that's just not something he put in the pre-release that will be in the full release. Thanks for this tutorial, as a partial modder I found this incredibly easy and helpful. :D

For those who did get it working, here's a list of known bugs in the game:

For those who havent gotten it working, I'll try out these instructions tomorrow and confirm my result

It doesn't work.

Does anyone know why it is taking ages for it to update when i do what it said on the video?

I can confirm this works. In simple words, get the latest copy of Minecraft (1.7). Make sure you have no mods (for now). Download the above file, server, or client and replace the original minecraft.jar with the downloaded one.
Simple as that, worked for me.

For guys who still cant get it to work, I've uploaded my 1.8 files to Mediafire.

I did it all but when i log in it freezes on the loading screen, almost done loading and the text says "done loading"...

yeah i have the same problem what did i do rong???!!!

An error comes up when i try to save the client file D:

Mine doesn't work :S I'll try to open the rile after it's finished downloading and it says it can't. I then went to my roaming folder and opened .minecraft and tried to open one of the two minecrafts I have. One says "Minecraft 1.7.3" and the other just says "minecraft". It says they were "corrupt" or something

I'd suggest reinstalling Minecraft 1.7.3 and then trying these instructions again.

Reinstalling and/or removing all mods and other stuff should work.

how do u play 1s u have done all of the stuff

Well 1.8 isn't the most up to date version of Minecraft. If you want that, you simply open Minecraft and select "yes" to update to the newest version. If you want the 1.8 Jar and can't get it try here: If you have any problems installing it, let me know.


i need to know how to find a free minecraft 1.8 game i have been looking for four months and
i cant find one.

... really jordan really. How about this, you pay for the game and support the people who worked hard on it, cause we here dont support stealing of a game. k tnx, Notch is watching you

i want minecraft soooooo baaaaaaaaddddd

I have downloaded and moved the 1.8 jar to the bin folder, however I still can't play on 1.8. I have a 1.8 server running but I am getting stuck with the launcher. My launcher will only go to 1.7.9. I don't know much about computers. If someone could help me find the missing step I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

I'm sorry, but this post is over 2 years old... :)

This post was bogus 2 years ago BTW. It has just now become relevant. Do not use the links at the top just go to mojang directly.

You need to click use experimental builds/snapshot in launchers options. Is no 1.8 pre yet. There is latest snapshot which is in fact 1.8 with all the new stuff . It will corrupt your current save if you try and use it on a game save you have. You would prolly want to make a user called snapshot and set it up to use snapshots. I like the new stuff and lot more colored horses. granite blocks, slimeblocks etc

Well, this post is actually for the Beta 1.8 build, not the new alpha 1.8 release, so not necessarily bogus, just not the same thing now.

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