News: Entire Castlevania NES Game Recreated in Minecraft!

Entire Castlevania NES Game Recreated in Minecraft!

Back in the days of NES and 8-bit gaming, I used to be a huge Castlevania fan. And it looks like I wasn't the only one. However, unlike me, gamer Nick "Nario" Hagman just couldn't let go of his Simon Belmont fascination that easy. Nario recently spent over 100 hours in Minecraft over 37 consecutive days recreating the original Castlevania game—in its entirety!

This video is just pure awesomeness to me. You can see both side-scrolling and first-person views with the map in the corner. The only thing missing is Dracula himself.

According to Nario, this project was made entirely by "hand" and no mods were involved in the making of this game in-game. Only textures and character skins.

If you want to play Castlevania in Minecraft, head over to his YouTube page to download the Castlevania world, texture pack, and Belmont skin.

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WOW amazing you should post more videos this is incredible i didnt think people could recreate the whole game.

could you message me a copy download of everything to play this on minecraft?

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