News: Retro Games Collide into Minecraft for Amazing Stop-Motion Madness

Retro Games Collide into Minecraft for Amazing Stop-Motion Madness

What happens when you combine Super Mario Land with Minecraft? Maybe some awesome pixel art, but how about if you go a step further? What if you add the computer game within a computer game idea and throw in a little stop motion?

You get one hell of an impressive spectacle—you get Minecraft Super Mario Land in Stop Motion.

Three dedicated gamers from minecrafta2z spent 500 man-hours and used more than 18 million blocks of dyed wool to meticulously create 800 still images of action from the Super Mario Land game for the old Nintendo Game Boy handheld. The "gameplay" takes place within a frame of 160 x 144 pixels… I mean blocks. That means an impressive 23,040 blocks per image.

Want a quick glimpse to how it was done? Here's a short video behind the scenes:

But this wasn't minecrafta2z's first foray into pixelated gaming inside of Minecraft's creative mode. They've also designed stop motion videos for retro games Pac-Man:


Space Invaders:


And Tetris:

Kotaku's got a great writeup on the men behind the blocks, if you're interested in knowing more.

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These are so cool.


No doubt this is impressive, but somehow it just seems like a giant waste of time.

One could go either way with this.

I disagree... if minecraft is their passion, and they love animation, why is it a waste of time?

It's just that, typically people enjoy animation as a creative outlet. But all they did was copy some prerecorded material painstakingly frame by frame. No matter how i see it, its just tedious busy work.

Well, with a lot of art, the stunning thing is the amount of time and energy a project takes regardless how petty the task. A fifty foot tall popsicle stick tower might seem like a god-awful waste of time, but it's still stunning to look at.

Definitely stunning to look at. And there are probably are those who use animation as a pure outlet for bringing their imagination to life, but I think there are some people out there (like me... ahem... OCD) who get enjoyment out of doing tedious busy work like this. It's a challenge to mimic something so perfectly... to get it just right.

These are simply mind blowing. The scale, the time it took to make them and just the idea that someone can recreate these things...I'm blown away...THanks for sharing

No problem. They really are amazing. I wonder what they're working on now.

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