Minecraftian: The First Feature Film Made in Minecraft

The First Feature Film Made in Minecraft

Minecraftian is a beautiful and lengthy machinima made using Minecraft; dubbed the 'first full feature Minecraft Film'. The movie has everything a great movie needs: strong editing, beautiful music, and Minecraft itself.

The plot (as described by creator Joshua Mutter): "Steve sees a sign asking for test subjects for an experiment. Not being in a good financial position, Steve enters the laboratory and follows Professor Mortimer into the basement. There he is asked to enter a machine. Steve doesn't realize that said machine will keep him in suspension for thousands of years, leaving him in a world in which there is seemingly no sign of humanity left, and strange creatures have evolved. Steve must survive and try to find any sign of non-zombified humans."

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lol music is either directly from lord of the rings or a remix of it

I think the first song is from 28 Days Later.

justin meyers is right, it is from 28 days later. Song title is "in the house in a heartbeat"

the opening track that is, but yes some of the following tracks are from LOTR.

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