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Not sure if you saw, but there's a link to the same site on the "Useful Links" part of the site.

Nvm its not the same site. But still. :)

thanks for checking it out. its definately not the same site, and on the bright side, i update it more regularly than the 'other site'

I mentioned your site on Twitter. It's really good man!

thanks, i appreciate that!

No problem.

Hmm, yeah this seems much more quality than the other seed sites, you've actually provided pictures and regular updates. This is great, thanks a lot for posting, these are never done right.

how do you find your own seed? i have found a map with like 10+ ravines at the spawn...

You can find out what your seed is by uploading your level.dat to this site: It will process and tell you your seed. If you'd like to, make a post when you've got it and let us know what it is.

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