Minecraft Mod: Water Shader

Water Shader

Here's something amazingly beautiful: a full fledged water shader for Minecraft!

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Wow, this looks awesome! What's your source? I'd love to incorporate this into my modded .jar!




Beautiful. Are the possibilities with mods endless... in other words, could the world of minecraft potentially lose it's simple block-like quality if enough creative mods were integrated? Or is this quality something the community always chooses to retain?

Wow! Now I REALLY need to get to saving for those new compy parts.

there is always a limit to the changes a mod can do. For example you know there's the nether in minecraft. it's a different world in itself. similarly there is the aether mod that's a world in the sky and also a moon mod. even though these are different world's in itself, the base mechanics always stay the same. although a few (or lots) of gameplay mechanics are changed, core mechanics stay the same. to me it never changes.
it's also up to you how many mods you want to have to limit the changes made.

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