News: Minecraft Programmable Piano

Minecraft Programmable Piano

Youtuber FVDisco has created a fully functioning, redstone, noteblock & piston-driven piano! If that wasn't amazing enough, it's also fully programmable! This video gives us a pre-made song to hear, then walks us through the process of setting up a song from scratch. Take a look!

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So insanely fantastic...


This video inspired me to ask JD Coverly (Load Save World - to give me a walkthrough of how Minecraft works. I'm so in awe. The imagination required.. It's like being a little kid again. The fact that someone figured out how to build the above piano is insane.

Its always interesting to see someone new trying to understand Minecraft. Because on the surface, its a simple "destroy, place, combine" block type of game that seems kiddish at first because of its simplicity. And then come gems like these.
Yes, the Imagination required is impressive and if you saw the wiring (redstone) behind it.......BOOM the complexity hits you in the face.

Yes, JD explained redstone briefly... incredible. I'm hoping to go to MineCon this year as a pure spectator.

If only I had the time... I would totally try and make something like this! I had no idea of the complexity that exists inside Minecraft.

I've yet to play with redstone or noteblocks really but I the things people have done are just mind blowing. Have you seen the noteblock version of Bohemian Rhapsody? AWESOME. I'll find it and post it.
Minecon baby! Yea! I'm really hoping to go! Never been to Vegas.

sounds awesome... post it!

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