News: Someone Created an Automated Pooping Butt in Minecraft

Someone Created an Automated Pooping Butt in Minecraft

Yeah, there's no classy way to say this. Someone created an automated bottom in Minecraft. Some might say the creator could have stopped there, but the madness didn't end. They attached the butt to a person and placed the startling creation on top of a toilet. Take a look.

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Ok then...

There could be worse things in there than that. And probably will be

This is terrifyingly popular...

Wow you're right

It should be one of your next workshops!

I guess the people have spoken...

Well - 1 more tick off my "Now I've seen everything..." list.

CLICK ON MY seen TOO many Things....somebody has some time on their hands

5 minutes of my life I WANT BACK!!!!! I'm embarrassed to say I may be the one with too much time on my hands.

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