News: Mount Falcon Manor House in Minecraft

Mount Falcon Manor House in Minecraft

Our Minecraft reproduction of the Mount Falcon Manor House in Ballina Ireland.

The mansion has a basement, first floor, second floor, and an attic. So far, only the second floor has been (somewhat) finished. We also made a small sewer tunnel that connects to the basement.

The mansion is being built as part of a set for a minecraft mini-series we will be filming.

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whoa! purple and who helped you? Is this for staff awards?

I take it you like it? :D This was all done by me and a friend. We work together on Minecraft projects and post it on the internet under our 'PurplePandemic' name :) And no, this is not for staff awards, I have no clue as to what that is, but I'll look into it :)

this is amazing dude props to you and your friend is there a video tutorial on how to build this ? :o

what are the coordinates for the house ??? I can not find it

X: -295
Y: 63
Z: 84

There are a few mountains by it, but it shouldn't be too hard to spot once you're close :)

i wonder how long it took you to finish..
and i wish it could have a video turorial

I quite like it! I second Jessi Wolf: how long did it take?

It took me and my friend about a week to get it to look as you see above. We played Minecraft quite a few hours a day during the summer.

Love this house and wanted to see it inworld so downloaded it. Sadly I couldn't find it in survival mode except for once by purest luck. The zombies and skeletons killed me and the creepers demolished the house. Had to make a copy to look for it in creative mode and the coords put me anywhere except the house. Twice I had to dig my own way out of the ground. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Could you post a blueprint please? This looks AHHHHHMAAAAAAZING!

The coordinates don't work. What is the location

PURPLEP, could you be a little bit more specific?

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