News: Minecraft 1.8 Demo

Minecraft 1.8 Demo

This one is much higher quality than the last video!

Feature | Time

  • NPC Village | 00:40
  • Creative Mode Inventory (Infinite amount of every item!) | 01:01
  • Rivers, Ravines, Desert Biome | 01:17
  • Hunger, Experience Points | 02:25
  • New Bow Mechanics: Zoom-in while charging up | 02:47
  • Ranged critical hits | 02:59
  • Melee critical hits | 03:15
  • Sprinting | 03:23
  • Knock-back Attacks | 03:30
  • Minecraft 1.8 DemoFOV Setting | 03:54
  • Brightness Setting | 03:55
  • "Nighttime is still much brighter, of course, than it was before" | 04:08
  • New Creeper explosion | 04:53
  • THE ENDERMAN (Because that's what you're really here for) | 05:07
  • ENDERMAN KILLING NOTCH (With a grass block) | 05:50
  • 1.8 Update "Very soon, within a couple of weeks" | 07:55

The Enderman looked like he did 2.5 damage per attack, and started creating particles as soon as you looked at him.  Anyone notice anything else?

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Some thing I did notice: maybe its just this build, but I didnt notice any villagers or NPC's in the village. Yeah.
Love the skill system and critical hit system. This is gonne be soo cool bring so much depth to MC!
Do you know how exactly those skill points are used? Im guessing theres a level up system but

Right around the end of the video, Notch says he's going to be splitting 1.8, releasing what works now, and the rest with 1.9. From what I've been reading, NPC's have a tendency to light themselves on fire, amongst other bugs, so they're going to be pushed back to 1.9. Also, the experience/level-ups are purely cosmetic in this release, so no idea how that's going to work in the end.

Still, it looks amazing! I'm interested to see how mcMMO and other RPG-style plugins are going to adapt to this functionality. Perhaps we will see custom skills added to Notch's experience mechanic!

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