News: Minecraft 1.8 Trailer

Minecraft 1.8 Trailer

The official trailer for the 1.8 release. It's suppose to be released later this month right? I remember reading sept 18th somewhere. 

The guys on the neogaf server are doing something incredibly interesting. Because to get all the benefits of 1.8 you need to start a new world, they are building an ark to travel to the new update. They've made two huge ships, each one with dozens of chests. Each citizen is allowed one chest to store their most valuable materials, like their diamond and gold collections. 

Once 1.8 hits, the admin for the game will delete everything via a map editor minus the location of the two arks, creating new land around them. All the buildings, projects, roads, mines they had built until then will be gone, and only the arks will be spared. So interesting in keeping the move in-game.

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