News: Calling for Official Minecraft World Texture Pack Ideas

Calling for Official Minecraft World Texture Pack Ideas

Now, myself and Minecraft World admin Jon Hook began brainstorming for the texture pack (which I will gladly create for all of you) but then I quickly remembered, this World isn't all about me, it's about all of you guys, too. So, I would like to hear your thoughts on what time period should dominate the texture pack.

Here are some examples:

  • Medieval (for castles and such)
  • Ancient Greek (look at the Parthenon, that sort of building)
  • Rome (cause I can say it, though it's pretty much ancient Greece)
  • Modern (busy city streets and all that)
  • Venetian during the Renaissance (Think Assassins creed2 and up)
  • Or Istanbul

If your idea wasn't included, pm me and I will make it another possibility. Remember that you must speak up in order to be heard.

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nice. look forward to hearing what you guys come up with.

Thanks re-posting, send me what you have when you get starting and we'll collaborate.

Here's my thoughts:
Main theme: Renaissance.
Sub themes (small but significant changes): Rome, Instanbul, and Medieval

Yeah, they'll all have to be closely linked so going for middle Europe textures is a good idea.

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