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News: Minecraft World's Ultimate Survival Guide, Part 5

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. Part 5 in Minecraft World's Ultimate Survival Guide is, for me, the longest article to write. Since I squeezed out a lot of information from other areas to put into survivability, its going to be a fairly long read. Of course, you can just skip to your topic of choice.

News: Minecraft World's Ultimate Survival Guide, Part 2

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. Welcome back to Minecraft World's Ultimate Survival guide! A few days ago, we reviewed a good way to start off right when you spawn, plus a small rundown of the mobs. Now we will continue on to combat strategies. Note that these are strategies, not specific How-To's, so the best way to get better at it is to do it yourself!

How To: Show Your Guests Around in Style with Redstone Guide Lights

Builds in Minecraft aren't usually for your own personal enjoyment; most people want to show them off to others. So to some extent, builds need to be user-friendly. That is, they should automatically guide people to areas of interest or importance. One particularly stylish way to do that is by using guide lights. I have two different designs included here, which you can either use or adapt to your own purposes.

News: Survival mode Confirmed for Minecraft Pocket Edition!

This is for you fans of the Minecraft Pocket Edition: survival mode has been announced! This has been one of the most requested changes wanted by players worldwide, and now its coming! We should also expect additions like crafting and mining which are, of course, integral to the survival experience. It will be interesting to see how these changes are integrated into these devices.

How To: 5 Great Minecraft Redstone Tips You Probably Didn't Know!

A very large aspect of minecraft is redstone. Infact, redstone is probably what keeps me playing minecraft today. Ever since the piston update of beta 1.7, redstone has taken minecraft to a whole new level, with the ability to manipulate the entire world around you with the flick of a switch. In this guide I'm going to quickly cover a few great redstone tips you probably did not know!

Minecraft Aesthetics: 5 Things You Should Avoid in Your Builds

In my tutorials, I often talk about the things you can do to improve your builds in Minecraft. However, this time I'm covering 5 things you should never do in your builds. These tips will improve your projects because they help you avoid making mistakes that can leave your construction boring and uninteresting. The only exception would be in Survival mode, especially when you're just starting out and do not have many resources. All of these tips are fine to use if they are part of the style o...

News: Rock-paper-scissors

I've been having this idea to build a redstone-version of rock-paper-scissors but never got around to do it. Building big redstone-contraptions on survival-servers isn't easy and single-player creative mode is a bit silly if you want to build a 2-player redstone-game. :)

How To: Create a Super Speed Track in Minecraft

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. There are many ways to get around in Minecraft, from boats to mine carts, but did you know that you can travel even faster on foot? That's right, by creating a running track, players can run at super speeds! Not only is it the single fastest way to travel, it's easy to build as well. No redstone wires required.

Minecraft Monster Slaying: How to Surprise Your Aggressors with a Long Drop and Sudden Stop

No one likes having their home invaded, and sometimes you just don't want to have to wait those precious few seconds for someone or something to drown, suffocate, or burn up. This trap utilizes gravity to destroy anyone who may want to pillage your home, be they monster or player. No drowning or suffocating here... they just go splat at the bottom of a deep hole, and you can instantly forget about them.

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