Minecraft Features

News: Mount Falcon Manor House in Minecraft

Our Minecraft reproduction of the Mount Falcon Manor House in Ballina Ireland. The mansion has a basement, first floor, second floor, and an attic. So far, only the second floor has been (somewhat) finished. We also made a small sewer tunnel that connects to the basement. The mansion is being built as part of a set for a minecraft mini-series we will be filming.

News: Hide Your Secret Stash with a Completely Invisible Redstone Trigger

Are you looking to hide your chests in a not-so-conspicuous way, but don't know where to start? Do you want to finally have that safe and sacred place to store your diamonds, cake and beloved treasures? This tutorial incorporates this previous week's challenge on transforming houses. If you weren't able to participate in last week's challenge, you will still be able to get a feel for what everyone did!

News: Fallout Inspired underground bunker

As my in game name (TehGeekFather) would suggest I tend to like things on the Geekier side of things. Games being one of them. (duh I'm on a Forum dedicated to Minecraft) That being said I am a huge Fallout fan. (NO! not the band. <Sigh>) I'm referring to the post apocalyptic series first developed by Black Isle Studios, the roll playing game division of Interplay, back in 1997. Fallout 1 and 2 were pretty big back then open game play, being able to complete tasks in different ways depending ...

Minecraft Aesthetics: Improving Your Build with the Right Flooring

Sometimes, at the end of a build, you may find yourself saying, "I'm pretty much finished, but what should I do next?" One element of a build that is always good to revisit once you're finished is the floor. It's not really a significant part of a building, but it can help make your construction look even better. Having a plain wood or cobblestone floor is fine, but depending on the style of the build, you may want to make it a little more interesting.

Portland : Zeppelin City One

You knew it was coming - and it's finally here. After 2.5+ months, my solo build aka : "Zeppelin City One" is complete. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this thing is large enough for a video. Special thanks to Pmag and Ping for helping throw switches and set day / night during the video "shoot". Also included an assortment of in-build photos plus the source image that the Airship started from.

How To: Create an Automatic Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft

Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server. No self-respecting Minecraft house is complete without a state of the art automatic cobblestone generator. But what does the average Minecrafter need with a bunch of cobblestone? To put it simply, sometimes you just need a bunch of blocks. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in the midst of a trap, animal pen, or basement only to find myself short on the second most common block of them all.

How To: 5 Great Minecraft Redstone Tips You Probably Didn't Know!

A very large aspect of minecraft is redstone. Infact, redstone is probably what keeps me playing minecraft today. Ever since the piston update of beta 1.7, redstone has taken minecraft to a whole new level, with the ability to manipulate the entire world around you with the flick of a switch. In this guide I'm going to quickly cover a few great redstone tips you probably did not know!