Forum Thread: Goodbye My Comrades

I am very sorry everyone, but the server is just too expensive and not really going anywhere, so the higher ups have decided to take it down and save a ton of money that it costs to run the server. I hope you all understand that money is really tight for a lot of us and the server just couldn't survive. I wish good luck to you all though! Make sure to keep checking the site and let's keep in contact. I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS!

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6 Responses

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo This Is Happening AGAIN?!?!? TT

And I just got back.....

Oh, and to all of those who down-voted my post: Screw off, I have no control over this so don't blame me or get mad at me.

Is there a chance to get the map?

The new map was lost, I have no access to it anymore, but I can maybe set up a way to get the OLD OLD map

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