Forum Thread: How to Build a House in Minecraft

Before you start building this house you will need the following items:

Step 1: Build the House Base Structure

Create the base as shown in the plan image. Make sure the make the floor out of spruce logs.

Make the dark oak log pillars a total of four blocks high and fill the space between the pillars with stripped birch logs.

Connect the pillars horizontally with dark oak logs and things should start looking like picture 4.

Create a dark oak log overhang around the edge of the main building as shown in picture 5

Add protruding beams around the edge of the whole build as shown in picture 6

Step 2: Building the Second Floor

Add cross beams as shown in picture 1, these will act as floor supports for level 2 of the house.

Fill in the floor with spruce slabs and then extend dark oak pillars as shown in picture 2.

Use stripped birch logs as walls between the pillars, as shown in picture 3.

Create a simple doorway as shown in picture 4.

Connect all the new pillars as you did in step 1.

Extend the pillars out horizontally as shown in picture 5.

Step 3: Complete the Basic House Structure

Add a spruce slab roof to the main house as in picture 1.

Use spruce slab again, but this time add the floor 1 block lower than the dark oak, as shown in picture 2.

Create 4 dark oak pillars that are 3 blocks high and connect them horizontally. See picture 3.

Extended beams out from the top of the tower.

Add beams and spruce slabs to create the floor of the third level of the tower. See picture 4 for reference.

Step 4: Build the Top of the Tower

Use stone brick stairs to trim the roof of the tower then fill in the gaps with stone brick slabs. See pictures 1 & 2.

Add a 1 block tall wall of stone brick around the very top of the tower followed by 1 block placed every other block to form the tower battlements. You can see this in picture 3.


Step 5: Building a Roof on the House

build 4 campfire pits on top of the tower

Create a basic spruce stair roof trimmed with stone brick stairs on top of the main building.

Add dark oak log supports as shown in picture 2.

Fill the wall space below the roof with stripped birch logs

Step 6: Finish Off the Tower with Details

Use the picture above to add detail to the three main sides of the tower and copy the stone detailing on the forth side, the side with the doorway.

Step 7: Adding Windows and Details to the House

Use the picture provided to help you add windows and details to all sides of the house.

Step 8: Adding Doors and Stairs

Detail the doors with some nice bushes as shown in picture 1

Create a simple staircase as in picture 2 and continue the fence detailing from the doors down to the stairs.

Step 9: Building a Small Farming Area

Recreate the farm area as pictured above. The small farming bit is surrounded by spruce slabs that make it easier to walk onto the crops.

Add as much lighting as torches as you feel are needed

Step 10: (Optional) Extra Roof Details and Chimney

Create a nice little chimney on the side of the house. This will give the house an extra bit of life.

Add a simple roof apex above the main house doorway. This gives the roof a little something extra.

Flair out the ends of the roof. This can be tricky but it certainly looks nice and give the whole house a more medieval look.

Step 11: Get Creative with Your House

You do not have to create your house exactly as I did. Why not try and change a few materials around. Maybe it would look better with normal oak logs, perhaps you would prefer to use wool or concrete for the walls. Whatever change you make, please share them in the comment section below - have fun building

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Hello. How can i build such a house in Minecraft? I downloaded the game here.

To start building a new dwelling, you will need a decent amount of materials. It is necessary to start construction work in the same way as in a real life situation. Before you systematically go through all the points, I want you to understand the most important point in building a house.

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