corndog97: Miss You Guys!

Wanted to start off by saying I miss you guys so incredibly much, it's been what... two-three years dating back to when WHT was in it's prime? Regardless, I miss building and chatting up with all of you and I just wanted to ask how was everyone doing? Do you guys still get on Minecraft? Are you apart of any new servers? Just checking up. My summer's coming to an end so I've been on MC more recently while I can. It's been full of dope ass cars and hanging out with friends.

Anyways, hope everyone's doing well, and if you're still alive out there, drop a comment below.


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hey mate! ... So I haven't been on this site for around 6 months and the first post I see is this! hit me up on skype: harrison.garner if I don't have you already :)

Hey i was just thinking about the times haha :( i really loved hanging out and building like EVERYTHING.. i really miss you guys! And no i don't play minecraft, i tried but i can't find a wht-like server, they're so rare.. :( 1 in a million maybe... :(

Woah just saw this, how are you guys! Miss the old times!

I really do miss everyone :'( We need to skype or play on a server together sometime

We actually should do that!

this was my all time favorite server here, it was so sad to see it go. TomatoPasta doesnt play mc anymore, and i just cant find a bare-able server to play on consistently. miss you all as well

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