News: Oceania Palace - hidden light trick

Oceania Palace - hidden light trick

My palace for a city that has no fewer than 7 100k block structures (will have 15-20 when the central blvds are finished - map link : ). Today's tip - at the start of the video - how did I put in the lighting for players to navigate the palace hedgemaze (at the start and end of the video).

Hint : the answer is staring at you in the (creeper) face.

Use default leaf blocks to hide 2-3 blocks down under the surface a glowstone. It works in water too - and bonus - the dark blue contrasts nicely and hides the glowstone even better (like in the palace pool). I've modified my leafblocks with a solid pattern so my client hides it totally with one-block - but with several - you won't see the light if you're off-center (like in the walls of a hedgemaze).

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Nicely done, I used the Statues in my build this week. Thanks for the help!

This is awesome! Great tip, thanks so much for sharing! I can't believe the progress you've made already on your build!

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