Forum Thread: HELLO YOU ALL!

Sooo, anyone still alive? :) miss you all!

Let's talk about stuff... and get some movement on this page!

How was your day?

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Hey freak :). I'm fine and how are you all? ^^

Where have you bine at? :P I wrote that like a month ago ;)

Hi Guys :3 we should skype sometime, keep in touch

Hey Guys! This Was A While Ago But Maaaaybe Someone will notice me?

I sorta figured everyone was dead.

But I'm doing great thanks, how are you?

I Keep Forgetting About This Website! I Randomly Come Back In Hopes Of A New Server, Every Time A Server Shuts Down Rips In Our Relationships Grow Deeper And We Need To Stop That.

I Hope We Make A New Server!

Jip, me to, once in a while i hop in and see, everybody is dead hahaha, i miss my mc friends :(

sigh I hope a new server gets made soon but i think its gone :(

It will all be fine :)

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