News: The Voyager

The Voyager

Here is our entry to this weeks challenge.  Made by: Lovelivemine, Shadowbalrog,Doggysniper, Rshelton, Silverbug12, and Sproga2.  

Pic1 = outside of the voyager

pic #2=  The entrance to the entrance tunnel (Shadow loves his piston doors)

pic 3=  the glass passage to the voyager

pic 4=  The medic bay

pic 5 = The Bathroom complete with toilet paper in the chest.

pic 6= The Voyagers engine.

Pic 7= The piston lights that you amy have noticed at pic 1

pic 8= A front view of  the captians chair and the controll bank.

pic 9= The information screen telling us that there are 6 enemies approaching

pic 10= Some of the enemy spacecrafts!!!!! 

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1 Comment

You guys did a great job on the Voyager! My favorite part are the detailed signs in the control room. They were such a great last touch!

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