News: kid is too smart, give him a degree already

kid is too smart, give him a degree already


This is hilarious.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i have to remember this one for in class!!!

OMG that is awesome! Teacher should get a -1.

The teach is right to fail that answer all they did was draw a picture they didn't expland it at all. Should of done like this.

1. Survey the land for a tree.

2. Punch the recently found tree repeatedly until you have cumulated a minimum of three(3) Logs.

3.Refine the three(3) logs with your 'personal crafting box' into twelve(12)* wooden planks.

4.Use four(4) of those planks in your 'personal crafting box'(pcb) to create a 'work bench' by placing them in all 4 spots of your 'pcb'.

5.Place the 'workbench' on the ground next to you and gather six(6) of the remaining 'wooden planks'.

6.In the 'workbench' place one(1) 'wooden plank' into all three(3) vertical boxes in the left column and all three(3) vertical boxes in the middle column. Recieve the 'wooden door' you have crafted.

7. You are done. You have crafted a 'wooden door' aka 'simple door'.

*The remaining two(2) 'wooden planks' can be saved for use in other crafts.

Then draw the picture below that and they would have gotten the point. :D

Extra credit to you sir

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