News: The First Competition! Skate on Ice with Your Best Ice Castles.

The First Competition! Skate on Ice with Your Best Ice Castles.

Hey everyone, freakje118 here!

This week, the first challenge ever will be to build an awesome and icy ice castle! It can be any size you want but please use the plots. Let your imagination work and make something great of it! you can use any blocks that you want! Ice, water, quartz, wool,.... But remember, it should be an ice castle!

The warp to this competition will be /warp ice.

Here are some photos so you can get some inspiration while building it!

Please don't come with something like this. (look beneath) BE ORIGINAL!


You're getting the point i guess. Build a nice castle of ice , so don't just build a square, it doesn't even need to walls around it. If you want an extension for your plot, you can always ask an admin for it!

Now the good part!


  • 1st place gets a new rank up in game!
  • 2nd place gets a new rank up in game aswell, yeey!
  • 3rd place get a new rank up to Tier 3!
  • Honorable mentions will get just a new rank up to Tier 3!


  • Submissions should be created in the designated area in the server. Use /warp ice to be taken to the area.
  • Admins will extend the Stone border if you need more room.
  • Be sure to put a sign in the front of your creation telling who helped you with the project, what it is, etc. The more information we have, the better!
  • In order for your entry to count, it MUST be something you created on the WonderHowTo server.
  • Do not claim a build as your own if you did not create it—we will know!
  • If you worked with someone on a project, please mention their name as well and what they contributed.
  • For all Weekly Challenges, you cannot use a previous entry you've already submitted in the past.
  • You CAN enter the Replication, Weekly Challenge, Weekly Redstone Competition and the Weekly Staff Choice Awards in the same week.

Winners will be announced Sunday, the 13th of april So you have 2 weeks!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!! I'm hoping to see some nice things

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very coold!

AND! The 1st place winner gets a mob disguise! Compliments of me :D

And how are we geting mob disguise? The plugin isn't for 1.7.2 yet :P.

I got it working for 1.7.2, it all works and we can now disguise! :D

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