News: Come visit the city of mysteries

Come visit the city of mysteries

Okay folks, I've finally finished my underground ancient city. Actually it's more like, I need to move on to other things and really should stop obsessing over this thing already. You can find it at the warp location "woodcity" - which is funny because there is not a stick of wood in it! That's the idea: the city is so very, very old that nothing but stone (and some conveniently located, er, naturally burning torches and lava and ice deposits) remains to be seen today. All is enveloped in the mystery of time....

Come down and see if you can find: the theater, the cathedral, the energy-concentrating room of power, the hall of secrets, the public baths, the once-bustling marketplace, the room of life-lengthening springs, the once-full granaries, the apartment complex, the secret staircase, the geothermal power plant, and several other rooms that have no discernible meaning.

(1) As you enter ... (2) You will find the room with the rules and contributors in it soon after you come in. (3) On the staircase going down... (4) What is this place?, (5) This is tall... (6) What was this place used for?

So anyway, the whole thing started out as a natural ravine and just grew and grew. A few other people have helped with excavations and ideas (chiefly redmechanic, Lienad and tutternbubba). Nova did more by building a few whole secret-purpose rooms! Everyone on the server is invited to come down and add more mystery to the place. I'm sure people can come up with lots of more mysterious places to hollow out of the earth... Just READ THE RULES posted in the rule room near the top of the stairs where you come in, and follow them. Also, post a sign if you add something!


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