News: Castle o'Stairs (contest entry)

Castle o'Stairs (contest entry)

For the limited-free-building contest I gave myself an even more extreme challenge: what could I do with only ONE block type? I chose nether brick stairs, in the gold challenge pack, because stairs are great.

(1) The whole thing (texture pack: Xiawalker), (2) First floor pattern, (3) Second floor pattern, (4) Helter-skelter roof pattern (number of staircases to get to the tower room: six). (5) And of course the obligatory story about how the castle came to be ... (6) One from the other side and with the default texture pack (looks really dark).

It was an interesting but difficult challenge, with lots of twisting and turning in the air to get things in the right places, and lots of "oh but I can't do that without a slab" moments. By the way, lag sometimes means that stairs suddenly switch direction from the way you put them down! So I had to watch out because some carefully placed groupings would jump into new configurations without my bidding. A bit too frustrating to do ever again ... but it was fun once.


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I saw this in game... Your eyes must still be hurting from this!! I have NO idea how you pulled this off. It looks spectacular and the design is breathtaking!

Great job as always, but you really outdid yourself this week!!

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