How To: Scare Off Burglars with an Obnoxiously Loud Redstone Alarm System in Minecraft

Scare Off Burglars with an Obnoxiously Loud Redstone Alarm System in Minecraft

Traps are great, but sometimes you don't want to kill anyone, you just want to know when they're around. When that's the case, check out this handy alarm system that uses the power of doors!

Doors, you say? Yes, doors! Some of you may already be familiar with how obnoxious doors can be in Minecraft, but if not, check out this video of it in action:

Now let's take a look at how to build it!

Step 1: Dig a Hole

My hole is pretty big in this case, but you can make it a lot smaller, if you can fit the redstone inside of it. I made it large so that it would be easy to explain.

You should start out by putting a pressure plate wherever you want your entrance to be, so that you know where to start building from.

Step 2: Add Some Redstone and Make a Hole

Now you need a little redstone underneath your pressure plate. Pressure plates power up to two blocks beneath them, so just add redstone wire beneath it, and it's no problem.

But then you need another hole for your T Flip-Flop.

From another angle:

Step 3: Add a T Flip-Flop

In case you aren't familiar with what a T Flip-Flop is, check out our earlier article!

Thusly armed with the knowledge of how to make a standard T Flip-Flop, go ahead and make one in this spot:

You can fill in all the areas at the bottom that don't have redstone wire coming out.

Step 4: Add a Rapid Pulsar

In case you don't know what a rapid pulsar is or what it does, I recommend that you check out our article on them!

Again, armed with the knowledge of rapid pulsars, attach one to your T Flip-Flop like so:

I recommend adding a lever to the side of your rapid pulsar so that you can turn it off while you're building. Trust me.

Step 5: Attach a Pair of Doors

All that's left is to add some doors to your rapid pulsar, like so:

Then that's it! Your alarm is ready to go. Build your house on top of that, and you'll be able to hear that awful, awful noise practically anywhere in the house when someone intrudes.

You can rest safely in the knowledge that no one will sneak up on you!

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