News: Winners of the Ruins Contest / New Contest! YES!

Winners of the Ruins Contest / New Contest! YES!

Goooooooooodmorning/day/evening, my favorite minecrafters! I told you to build a ruin, and so you did, so here are the winners of the weekly challenge!

First place goes too.... Shmilyface!

I really liked this one!

Second place! SnoNoMo!

Third place,, MicraftNathan5!!

I have 2 extra buildings here, made by Pingisspelaren and Fedganac88! They can't win cause they are admins!

The first structure is made by Fed and the second by Ping! :)
Great job!!


Build me a niceee water house! If that doesn't cause your imagination to full working,, here are some pictures! Do whatever you want for style! :)

Good luck!!

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Nice builds! And that new challenge sounds awesome

I Feel Like I Only Won third Because I Was The Only Other Non- Admin, My Thing Was VERY Incomplete.

I can't tell if that's complaining for just stating a fact

Good luck minecrafters on the new contest :)

1st. is 1st
2nd. is 3rd
3rd. is 2nd.
<End Transmission>

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