News: It Was Time for Lesnoydude to Win Our Weekly Staff Choice Award

It Was Time for Lesnoydude to Win Our Weekly Staff Choice Award

A redstone clock is a pretty easy mechanism to make. A digital readout for that redstone clock is a little harder, and that's what Lesnoydude has made that won him the staff choice award.

However, what I liked most about this build wasn't just the redstone. There are plenty of builders on our server who make great redstone contraptions. What I liked about this particular build was that Lesnoydude successfully integrated his clock into a much larger build.

Check out this clock, built into a hillside, underneath a... well, a shrine to me.

Pretty frequently I'll see advanced redstone builds just lying open out in the world, their redstone guts hanging out for the world to see. I really appreciated that Lesnoydude actually used the redstone mechanism for something aesthetically pleasing. I should add, in case it isn't clear, that this is a fully-functional clock, with working hours, minutes, and seconds.

Here's the setting for his clock:

Isn't that attractive, full of brick and pillars? It's just one part of a much larger, more impressive build, but this area was complete enough to stand out above all the other staff choice award contestants this week.

It didn't hurt that there's a giant statue of my avatar looking out over it.

It's especially impressive when you catch a glimpse of the redstone wiring inside of it.

The actual mechanism is driven by a digital system of 1's and 0's expressed by wool (one) and glass (zero).

This was a great build, Lesnoydude, and you definitely deserve to win a rank and mob disguise of your choice, including colored and baby mobs! Congratulations!

Everyone Else:

Not everyone can win a Staff Choice award, but everyone can try! Entries into the staff choice awards need to be submitted, either in person, or on our Inspiration board.

As I can't guarantee exactly when submissions can be made in person, posting them on the board is the only reliable way to ensure that your build will be considered!

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