News: Updates Coming to Minecraft 1.9

Updates Coming to Minecraft 1.9

Minecraft keeps moving on with new updates coming to the 1.9 release. The most notable of these are baby animals and a proposed system of potions and spells!

Where do baby animals come from? Mama and papa animals of course. Notch dropped some hints recently that in the upcoming release players will be able to left click animal mobs with a piece of wheat in hand, which sends them into what some are calling "love mode". Give it time and with some magic of their own voila, baby mobs! Some are suspecting that NPC villages might even have breeding farms of their own.

Minecraft is going mystical with the advent of potions. Yesterday Jeb confirmed this over twitter saying, "In the prerelease, there are 161 brewable unique potions. Unless we change it, there will be 2,653 with all ingredients added." Wow, over two-thousand combinations! According to this list on Minepedia, much of the ingredients will come from mobs and from new nether monsters. The types of effects potions have range from healing to blindness and speed effects.

How will this change things? Will you be able to use potions on NPCs? Does one really need any more excuses play Minecraft for more hours in the day? These questions will have to wait until release, until then stay tuned for updates!

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" Does one really need any more excuses play Minecraft for more hours in the day? " LOLOLOL

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