News: Tough Decision!

Tough Decision!

15Do not be feared by the title.
It's for a structure i'm building at the moment!

I was bored in the vacation so i started building a castle, now i have come to this point where i'm completely not finished, but i was rambling around with Ping, and i changed my WHOLE CASTLE, Look at the pictures

So, this is the castle in it's original state, like i was planning to build it, but as i said, we were rambling around, now look at these pictures

Now, what do you (fellow minecrafters) think i should use, or should i use a competely other design? Please please please, let me know :) and if you have any suggestions about buildings that i could add, to the area, please let me know :)!

I did some random stuff, wich is terrible btw but look here :D

Have a nice day :D !


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That Or The Leaves, Those Actually Look Pretty good

I Was Actually Online When This Happened I Think

Yes, around that time haha :)

Do you have a suggestion then?

What is a castle without a hedge maze? Also a moat with pet Octopus ;-)

I have pet octopus at my desert temple base chained to a post on the bank of one of the pools.

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