News: The Tetracontrahedron

The Tetracontrahedron

Built by Gadzooks1313
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The tetracontrahedron, or Tetrac for short, is a really cool mathematical
shape I found out about a week or so ago. The best way I can describe it is this:

Imagine a cone with a height equal to its radius, so the slope of its sides is 45 degrees. Add another identical cone so the bottoms are connected. This shape will have a square cross-section. Cut from the tip of one cone to the tip of the other. You will have two sections, each with two half-cones stacked base to base and a square face. Turn one of those 90 degrees, then stick them back together and you get a tetracontrahedron.

Anyways, I decided to build one of epic proportions. This one is 101 blocks tall. It's entirely handmade, not a single block was placed with WorldEdit. Since it was so large, I thought I'd put a city inside of it.

I've made a central column and decked it out like an ancient temple. If anyone would like to build here, please contact me on the forums. I hope you like it! If you'd like to visit, all you have to do is /warp tetrac.

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Wow! What a great build!

Looks like a strong contender for the Staff Choice award for this week!

I'd love to have a plot in your city.
I think i can bring something unique to your city

Check out my forum post on the tetrac and apply there.

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