News: Snapshot Info.

Snapshot Info.

So there have bine added some new stuff into Minecraft. Some new mobs that i will show here and some new blocks.

First the new mobs!

The Rabbit:

They have diffrent skin (can drop food). The food drop isn't 100% drop allways. Friendly

The Endermite:

It spawns when a Enderman teleports. (Don't drop anyting) Hostile mob.

The Guardian:

It spawns near a under water temple. (Drops Prismarine shard, Prismarine crystals and fish). Hostile mob.

Now some new blocks.
Sponge and wet sponge.

So the sponge have a reason to be in the game now.


Dark Prismarine:

Prismarine Bricks:

Sea lantern:

It's like glowstone.

Slime Block:

If you fall down on it you don't take any damage.

Iron trapdoor:

Needs redstone to work.

Granite and Polished Granite:

Andesite and Polished Andesite:

Diorite and Polished Diorite:

Coarse Dirt:

And now a new potion.

Potion of Leaping (jump)

And a block that you can only spawn in with the /give command.

Well this is all from me for now. Have a good day/night people!


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The mojang staff said it has as many new stuff as 1.7, so bukkit will take a long time and mods :/

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