News: Show off your disguises!

Show off your disguises!

Since you can't take a picture of yourself disguised you will need a buddy to help. NEWDeStRoY1 wanted a picture of his Iron Golem Disguise so I obliged.

Show off your disguises!

We should get everyone together after a Saturday workshop and take a group photo of everyone in disguise. Until then post your disguises here.

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Thanks for taking the time to take my pic!

hmm... I can give you a hint of mine, Tssssssss...... "Don't turn around"

I have went on a flatland survival. And i found a M.P.C village... And i saw a disguised... Mossy... Iron... M.P.C villager! Soo... That disguised golem is actually a disguised M.P.C villager. (note:I did the flatland survival on peaceful) (P.S:he is friendly) (P.P.S:I like killing him because he droppes iron. note:he also droppes roses) (P.P.S:he kills mobs that harm you. note:they don't harm spiders at day because thay're friendly at day only when you harm them. Then the iron armerd M.P.C villager harms them) (P.P.P.S:They harm you when you harm them and another M.P.C villager)

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